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Bristol Clinic > First Aid for Wildlife Casualties

The RSPCA Bristol Animal Clinic is a first aid and triage centre for wildlife. We provide care for any ill, injured or orphaned wild animal or bird, at any time of day or night.

Wildlife casualties need to be very carefully assessed by our veterinary surgeons, to ensure that we take the most humane action. It is vital that there is a good chance that a casualty will recover well enough to return to the wild. In these cases the animal will be treated and hospitalised here prior to transfer to the experts at the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital (West Hatch) in Somerset.

The RSPCA Clinic assesses and treats a wide variety of wildlife patients. Badgers, foxes, swans & ducks, pigeons and hedgehogs are most frequently to be seen on the wards, awaiting their “ambulance” ride to West Hatch.

The Clinic’s wildlife first aid service helps prevent the suffering of hundreds of wild animals and birds every year, and is funded by the generosity of local people, through donations, legacies and fundraising events.

If you have found a wildlife casualty, please click here for advice.

Please always call 0117 9724567 before bringing any animal to the Clinic.

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