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Bristol Clinic > Working With the RSPCA Inspectors

One of the most difficult yet most satisfying parts of our work is looking after cruelty cases brought in by the RSPCA Inspectors.

Staff at the RSPCA Bristol Animal Clinic and Bristol Dogs & Cats Home work tirelessly together to care for these animals. It is always heart-breaking when one first comes in, but knowing that they have been cruelly treated makes nursing them back to health all the more rewarding.

Local RSPCA Inspectors use the RSPCA Bristol Clinic as their first port of call for any suffering animal they have found in the course of their duties. They know that the dedicated and expert team here will provide the very best of veterinary care for an animal that has been rescued from cruelty or neglect.

For information on how to report a case of cruelty or neglect to the RSPCA Inspectors - click here

Please always call 0117 9724567 before bringing any animal to the Clinic.


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