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The Clinic provides a low cost veterinary service for pets whose owners are on a low income.

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13/07/2017 - Molly's story


Final update - Molly goes home!

We are so delighted to share some excellent news with you all. This week has been a life-changing week for Molly, and we couldn’t wait to share her exciting news with you.

Molly has bagged herself a brand new home!

And it isn’t just any home. Oh no, it’s only the best for our champion girl.

Molly has been adopted by her vet, Dr Damian Pacini, who has been caring for her for the last few months since she arrived at our doors at the beginning of July. Damian is one of the people responsible for her survival, and we think you will all agree that it seems fitting that she should live her future days by his side.

Molly was brought in to us in a critical condition, and the likelihood of her survival was slim. Thanks to our emergency 24/7 vet service we were able to care for Molly immediately, and admit her to our intensive care unit for prompt treatment and observation.

Molly has endured several operations and has always bounced back from each one. Her resilience has astounded us all throughout her rehabilitation, and the change in her personality from day one has always amazed us. She’s transformed from a scared, timid dog to a cheeky, playful young dog who is so content with company and friends.

There have been some struggles along the way, and there have been days where we were all worried that Molly’s injuries were too severe for her to survive. But each time she proved us wrong, and we are so delighted that she has found the perfect, loving home to call her own.

It is likely that Molly will require life-long care for her injuries and she could have no better chance at a happy future than with Damian, his partner Hil and family. Just this week Molly’s hearing was tested as there were concerns that her stubbornness could in fact be deafness. Damian discovered that unfortunately Molly is deaf in one ear particularly.

Damian said: “Over the last few months I have become so attached to Molly after all of her surgeries and treatments. I was so touched by her story of triumph and I was very aware that she would need a home with a very clear understanding about her future medical needs - I am so delighted to offer her mine. Molly is a clever girl and she’s settling in already with my family. It’s a very exciting time for us all. Molly’s deafness means we will have to teach her special signs – my partner is coincidently training in British Sign Language at the moment and so will have to teach Molly doggy sign language!”

Molly bid us all farewell on Tuesday, and even though we were sad to say goodbye, we are so excited to hear about her future adventures. Best of luck Molly, we will miss you so much.

Update 13 - 25 September 

Molly has recovered well from the operation to her face, and is back with the ladies in our reception at Bristol Dogs and Cats Home. Molly spends her days behind reception, helping out in lots of different ways.

She enjoys typing on the keyboard, knocking over the phone and her favourite job of all - photocopying!

We pay her in treats, and she's pretty happy with that.

Her stitches on her face were removed later that day.

Update 12 - 14 September

Molly has been back in our Clinic. A wound broke out on the side of her face and our veterinary team wanted to look into this more. We performed an X ray and identified some dead bone fragment that had not fused.

Molly was put under a General Anaesthetic so that we could investigate further. The vet in charge of Molly’s care was able to remove the dead bone fragment and also some remains from the shot.

Molly is now recovering, and we hope she will be back on her paws soon.

Update 11 - 18 August

Molly has been busy posing for our cameras this morning. Because she has had a lot of photos taken over the last few weeks, she has become quite used to it!

Molly has now left our Clinic and is settling in at our Dogs Home, in our isolation kennels. She is still under the watchful eye of our veterinary team, but she has been moved to a larger kennel with more space to roam.

Thank you to everybody who continues to ask about her, your kindness is truly appreciated. For those enquiring about potentially adopting Molly, we would like to make you aware that in a few weeks we will begin our search for Molly’s perfect forever home. We estimate that this will be towards the middle of September, when she is medically fit and has had all of her assessments.

She will be looking for a quiet home, without other animals, where she can have space to run and explore (further details with the full criteria to follow).
We will be asking those interested to complete a form outlining their interest, when she becomes available for adoption. Please keep a watchful eye on our Facebook page for this update. Thank you.

Update 10 - 12 August

Yesterday was a very exciting day for Molly, because she went on her first proper walk!
Molly is now well enough to venture outside of our play areas for short periods of time, and out into the big, wide world.

She enjoyed a walk by the river alongside her two carers who she adores.

It was very exciting for her to be out and about. After, she enjoyed an afternoon snooze with her favourite teddy, that was kindly donated by one of our supporters.

Update 9 - 11 August

Good morning from lovely Molly.

Molly is continuing to do well. Her cheeky personality is revealed more, day by day. There is nothing she loves more than a fuss from her carers.

As you'll see from the final photo, Molly's fur is gradually growing back on the wound on her side, and her facial wound is also slowly healing.

She is still enjoying her small walks around, and loves getting off her lead and enjoying pottering around our outside play area.

Thank you to everybody who has sent her toys and other treats - she has a lovely new lead and collar! Thank you also to everybody who continues to ask how she is.

Update 8 - 3 August

Molly is continuing to progress with her treatment, and the veterinary team are pleased with her improvements.

Molly is no longer anaemic, and her white blood cell count is now normal.

At the beginning of the week Molly‘s face expelled a dead bone fragment and part of the cartridge through the wound in the side of her face. After X rays, our vets are confident however that the remaining jaw bone is all viable.

Molly has grown extremely close to her carers, and enjoys playing with her cuddly toys, and taking small walks outside of her kennel. She is putting on weight well - and still enjoys her treats!

Update 7 - 28 July 

This morning Molly was having a routine wound clean on the side of her face and during the process an incredible 36 pellets expelled themselves.

Molly was an absolute champion throughout the entire procedure, resting calmly on our vet nurses leg – while receiving treats! We’ve posted a photo of the pellets for you to see the sheer amount that were removed.

It would have caused too much tissue damage to try and remove the pellets surgically, so we're delighted that little Molly’s body is doing the job of expelling the foreign bodies naturally.

We plan to continue with treatment of the wounds, and more pellets may emerge in time.
After, Molly returned to her kennel for her yummy breakfast.
Thank you for your continued messages of support for Molly and our staff.

Update 6 - 26 July

Molly is continuing to gradually improve. Yesterday she was trotting around our outdoor play area with her ball - she isn't able to pick it up yet, but she enjoys playing with it in her own cute way.

Her personality is emerging, and it is clear that she has two favourite things: food, and the staff who look after her. Molly has learnt to wait by the food cupboard (as shown in the picture!) when she comes back in from outside, to get a treat before returning to her kennel for a rest.

Her wounds are slowly improving, and her terrier curiosity is gradually increasing - this is a delight to see.

Update 5 - 21 July:

Molly has been playing in our outdoor play area this morning. She enjoyed playing in the tyres, searching for treats!

Just this morning Molly discovered toys - playing with a soft ball for the first time. She isn't able to pick it up in her mouth properly yet, so instead she taps it with her nose, to hear the squeak!

Update 4 - 18 July:

Molly continues to wag her tail and is gradually coming out of herself day by day.
She is now a lot more comfortable after receiving pain relief and antibiotics to fight her chronically infected wounds – we will continue this method of treatment for the foreseeable future.

Molly is progressing well for now, and we have received the blood results which show that her lead levels are currently under control. Molly also has an ulcer in her eye which we are treating.

Her body condition is gradually improving and she continues to enjoy her food!

The vet taking care of Molly, Dr Damian Pacini, appeared on BBC Radio Bristol this morning to discuss Molly's care. If you'd like to hear his interview, you can listen back here (2.06 hours in):

Update 3 - 17 July:

Molly has had a stable weekend and the staff are pleased that she is starting to come out of herself a little. She’s using her voice every now and then, and even gave us a small wag of her tail!

She is eating well and her drip was removed over the weekend. She is out of intensive care and has been moved to a larger kennel in our Clinic. Our staff continue to make her as comfortable as possible.

We are still awaiting some crucial blood test results that will determine Molly’s future treatment.

We would like to thank you for all of your kind messages of support over the weekend, we will continue to keep you updated.

Update 2 - 14 July:

Molly has just finished her breakfast, and is in a stable but critical condition. She is on a drip in our intensive care unit, we are providing her with intense supportive treatment around the clock.

She is receiving antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and we are awaiting blood results.
Again we would like to thank you for all of your kind messages and comments. Your messages of support mean the world to the staff who are taking care of Molly, and the entire Branch.

Update 1 - 13 July:

Molly has had a difficult night, she is currently in intensive care receiving fluids. Her condition is critical and we are working around the clock to make her as comfortable as possible.

Our vets are awaiting blood samples on lead levels which can take several days for the results to come back. In the meantime we are treating her for lead toxicity.

Thank you all so much for your kind messages of support for Molly. We will continue to keep you updated on her condition.

Donating to Molly and her friends

We have received a lot of lovely messages from kind members of the public who would like to donate towards Molly's care, and the work of our 24 hour Clinic.

We would like to thank all of our incredible supporters who have already donated. 

Our Clinic cares for:

Stray & homeless animals: Many sick and injured animals are brought to the Clinic for emergency treatment and on-going care. This can include animals harmed in road traffic accidents, and animals like Molly who have been found straying by a member of the public.

Cruelty & neglect cases: One of the most difficult yet rewarding parts of our work is looking after cruelty cases brought in by the National RSPCA Inspectors. They know that our dedicated and expert team will provide the very best of care for an animal that has been rescued from cruelty or neglect.

Subsidised treatment: It is important that no pet suffers because its owner cannot afford veterinary treatment which is why we offer low-cost veterinary treatment to pet owners on state benefits and very low incomes.

Wildife casualties: Although most of our patients are domestic pets, we also provide first aid for wildlife casualties, from badgers and foxes to swans, ducks and hedgehogs.

Dogs & Cats Home residents: The Clinic provides all of the care and veterinary treatments to the residents of Bristol Dogs & Cats Home.

How to donate:

Text to donate 

Text ‘LOVE13 £10’ to 70070 to donate today to help Molly and her friends at our RSPCA Bristol Clinic & Bristol Dogs Home. You can amend the amount you wish to donate, e.g. ‘LOVE13’ followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070 to make a donation via your mobile phone. Follow the text prompts if you are a UK Tax Payer and wish to Gift Aid your donation.


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