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13/06/2016 - From Game of Thrones to Finding Homes!

Maisie Williams and Sonny

Maisie Williams and adopted pooch Sonny are back with us at Bristol Dogs and Cats Home to help us find homes for the loving pets in our care.


       Photo Credits: Carly Wong 

Internationally renowned actress Maisie Williams, with the aid of her adopted dog Sonny, is helping to promote our campaign to adopt a rescue pet rather than inadvertently supporting the cruel puppy trade.

Maisie adopted Sonny earlier this year from our very own Bristol Dogs and Cats Home, and has since been an active voice in the #adoptdontshop campaign. With a break in her busy schedule, filming Game of Thrones, she made time to come along and visit us, bringing the lovely Sonny with her much to the delight of the staff who cared for him whilst he was with us. Maisie met some of the animals waiting for loving new homes, and posed beautifully with the equally delightful Sonny in front of the Home’s spectacular new artwork, which has sprung up around the site in recent weeks.


Maisie said, “I decided to adopt and not buy from the start, puppy farming is a big problem and I didn't want to risk inadvertently supporting that so I visited the Bristol Dogs and Cats Home with my mum. We met many lovely dogs, one of which was Sonny, he was adorable, like a little fluffy cloud! He was so friendly and cute we couldn't resist him. I think I can safely say he has made all our lives better he is a joy to have around and we all love him very very much. He's a happy little pup who loves playing and is very quick to learn. There are so many lovely animals needing loving homes it makes perfect sense to visit Bristol Dogs and Cats home if you're looking for a pet”.

Bristol Dogs and Cats Home Manager, Jodie Hayward said, “We are so grateful to Maisie for her support, she is able to reach huge audiences with her message – ‘adopt don’t shop’ and she has a genuine passion for animal welfare. We hope she will encourage others to think carefully before buying a new pet, and hopefully help persuade people to adopt a rescue pet instead. We have been overwhelmed with animals being brought to us in recent months and we urgently need more people to think about rescuing rather than buying a new pet”.

Maisie and Sonny posed for photos in front of some of the Homes new street style artwork, Home manager Jodie Hayward said, “we thought it was really important to brighten the place up a bit, it can be a bit of a concrete jungle right here in the centre in Bristol – so we brought a bit of the countryside in and added a splash of colour! We feel it is important for the staff and animals, but also for our visitors. We want people to enjoy their time visiting us, it isn’t a sad place – it’s the place where the second chance of happiness begins, free from pain or neglect, for the animals that we care for”.

Maisie said, "It was lovely to be able to take Sonny back for the photo shoot. He was very well behaved but very excited to see all his old friends, and seemed impressed by the new artwork! He had a great time at the Home, but was exhausted and slept all the way home!"

With Maisie’s help we hope that more people will find out about us, and think about offering a loving home to one of the many animals we care for. Jodie Hayward said, “Many people have seen, read or heard about the horrific cruelty of the underground puppy trade, there has been a lot of media attention around the subject lately. With a better understanding of how this cruel trade operates, we hope that potential new pet owners will come and visit us, or other rehoming centres like us, to offer a recue pet a new chance in life. We have so many amazing animals here, through no fault of their own, who are all waiting to be someone’s much loved family pet, from the young to the old, and from big to small – and everything in between!”

If you wish to come and visit us, we are open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am till 12pm, and from 1pm till 4pm. We are located at 50 Albert Road, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0XW. Our rehoming team will be on hand to find out about your situation and help you choose the right pet for you. You can also visit the rehoming section of our website to see many of the animals currently looking for homes.  

Two of our wonderful volunteers have also made us a special video featuring some of the lovely pets we have looking for homes right now - view it by following the link to our YouTube channel here.

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