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Bristol Clinic > Veterinary Care for Stray Animals

The RSPCA Bristol Animal Clinic provides veterinary care for straying and unwanted animals, including the residents of the Bristol Dogs and Cats Home – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Every day there are lost, straying or unwanted animals on the streets of Bristol, some sick or injured. Anyone finding an animal casualty, be it an RSPCA Officer, Dog Warden, Police Officer, or a concerned member of public, can be sure that the RSPCA Clinic is there to help, with a team of dedicated veterinary professionals.

Every animal gets the care that it needs, whether it be life-saving emergency treatment for a serious trauma case, pain relief for a limping stray dog or just a warm bed for the night for an old lost cat.

Sometimes stray animals are claimed by grateful owners. The ones that are genuinely homeless stay at the Clinic until they are well enough to transfer to the Bristol Dogs and Cats Home, where they will be found a new home.

The Clinic’s stray service is essential to the welfare of animals in Bristol and the surrounding area. It helps thousands of animals every year, and is funded by the generosity of local people, through donations, legacies and fundraising events.

If you have found an injured or ill stray animal – click here for advice

Please always call 0117 9724567 before bringing any animal to the Clinic.


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