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Here at Bristol Dogs and Cats Home we have many dogs in our care differing in breed, age and background. How do you make sure you’re matched with the most suitable companion for you? We can offer advice to help carefully match the right dog to the right owner based on you, your family, your lifestyle and circumstances.

Adopting a rescue dog is very rewarding - Friendship. Affection. Happiness. The relationship between dogs and people can bring so much joy to all their lives. And rehoming a dog from a rescue shelter, such as BDCH, is especially rewarding as you'd be providing a good and permanent home to a dog who desperately needs one.

Focus on StaffiesGrace

Staffordshire bull terriers can make excellent pets and in the right home, many can live happily with children and other animals. We have many Staffies at the Home who are well behaved, affectionate and playful. However, like many of the dogs in our care, some have been neglected or abused and need very special owners to help them recover. These dogs will need the right training to behave positively and obediently. This training can be extremely rewarding for both owner and pet.

Visit us today and you may find a Staffy that loves long walks, chasing balls, cuddling up on the couch, exploring parks, beaches or countryside – or thrives on whatever activities you and your family enjoy most too. Alternatively, you can view some of the animals looking for a home on our Rehoming pages.

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