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Campaigns > Puppy Trafficking

Buying a puppy is not as simple as you may think. Sadly, not all puppy breeders and sellers are reputable.

There is a dark side to the trade - puppy trafficking. This is where puppies are bred in large numbers for profit, often with little regard for animal welfare. Many puppies fall sick, and some die.

Grim realities of buying a puppy exposed

An investigation by the RSPCA in 2008 revealed the grim realities of unethical puppy trafficking.

As part of the campaign, undercover RSPCA officers test purchased six puppies, two of which were found to have potentially fatal illnesses.

Chardonnay, a cavalier King Charles spaniel cross, was diagnosed with pneumonia and, despite constant care, sadly died two weeks later. Frank, a mastiff, had parvo virus, but was fortunately saved by vets.

Sign up to the National RSPCA's campaign network 'Give animals a voice' and share your stories about this trade.

To find out more about choosing a puppy, how to avoid puppy traffickers and what the National RSPCA are doing, please visit their website by clicking here.

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